Jewellery Care


What is plated jewellery?

Plated jewellery is made by coating a base metal (usually brass) with a thin layer of precious or colored metal - making it an affordable option for every fine jewellery lover. Our premier jewellery is either 14k gold, rhodium, or sterling silver plated. Our gold tone and silver tone jewellery is brass, plated with a gold or silver tone.

How to care for plated jewellery

Plated jewellery looks identical to a piece made entirely of a precious metal but does require more care to keep the plating intact for as long as possible. 

  • Store your plated jewellery in its box or pouch.
  • Make sure your jewellery is completely dry, especially before storing it.
  • Do not apply perfume, hairspray, or deodorant before wearing your jewellery as certain chemicals may damage the finish.
  • Always remove your jewellery before swimming, bathing, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners.
  • Use a soft dry cloth to gently polish your plated jewellery .

Important Care Note: Polishing your gold or silver plated jewellery will remove the plating from the piece. Only use a polishing cloth for your pieces that are 100% brass and are not plated.


What is brass jewellery?

Brass Jewellery is an alloy that includes two metals - copper and zinc. It has a warm, and beautiful golden tone that looks almost identical to gold. Brass is the perfect affordable option for Jewellery lovers - as long as it’s cared for and kept polished, brass Jewellery will last forever.

How to care for brass jewellery

    • Store your brass Jewellery in its box or pouch.
    • Always make sure your pieces are completely dry, especially before storing them.
    • Do not wear brass Jewellery in hot springs as the sulfur will cause tarnishing.
    • Avoid getting perfume or lotion on your Jewellery
    • Avoid wearing while exercising.


    Cleaning Tips

    • You can clean brass jewellery by washing it with mild soapy water. If you wear it in the shower, remember to dry well using a soft cloth.
    • For tarnishing and spots, use a microfiber cloth. We recommend Sunshine brand yellow polishing cloths.
    • For heavier tarnishing, here are a few options:
    - Soak pieces in a bowl of white vinegar for a few minutes. Rinse and dry completely.
    - Mix baking soda and lemon juice to create a paste. Use a soft brush to tackle any persistent spots.
    - Ketchup also works. Coat jewellery for a few minutes. Rinse and dry using a soft cloth.